woensdag 6 mei 2009

One more unexpected rising star in Britain’s Got Talent

Britain’s Got Talent latest singing sensation is a 37 year old pizza delivery man named Jamie Pugh He wowed the judges with his performance of” Bring Him Home” from “Les Miserable”. Although he was very nervous he managed to amaze the judges and got three yes. According to Simon Cowell the only thing that he has to do is to learn to believe in himself and he has a good chance of winning. Just like Boyle he gave a tear jerking performance and is just a normal person with an incredible talent. Britain’s Got Talent final is going to be very interesting with singing talent has Susan, Jamie, little Hollie and more special performance it is going to be an amazing television night.



I am very excited to see who is going to win because there is a lot of talent this time.
Susan Boyle and Jamie Pugh are not the only talent that has been discovered in the show. There is also the 10 year old Hollie Steel a small little girl with the voice of a grown up women. She is just fantastic and has a long way to go. This television show is about the talent and not how old you are. For some people is not fair that Hollie a 10 year old girls will compite against Susan Boyle a much older woman, but it is not about the age but about the talent and that is what makes this show such a success. I can wait to see the program and get amazed about this real talented people let the best one win.

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  1. I love this show! I liked the Dutch version also but the British version is the best! In the end Holly Steel won. I believe this is a right choice, but the girl is only 10 years old. I am wondering if she can handle living in the spotlights? She will never have a normal youth anymore.. I think she won because of her 'cute factor'.