vrijdag 8 mei 2009

Four British soldiers killed in Afghanistan

It was a bloody day for the British Forces in Afghanistan, three soldiers and one Royal Marine died. The troops died in three separate incidents, two of them in a suicide bomb attack, another during a reconnaissance patrol with the Afghan army and the last soldier in his Jackal vehicle when it was hit by a roadside bomb. The number of deaths of UK service personnel since 2001 is now 156. Many of the attackers come over the border from Pakistan after having been trained in al-Qaeda camps run by jihadists. According to a head of the British arm” it is going to be long difficult summer fighting a campaign against the Taliban


How many soldiers still have to died for the Government to realize that it is time to let the Afghan people deal with there problem with the Taliban. So many children are going to grow up without a father because someone decided that all Taliban’s are terrorists. Why can we just try to find a way to solve the problem without sending so many good men to there grave. Start talking to the Taliban and get a peaceful solution. A new generation is going to grow up without a father and with a lot of hate for the Muslim world. They are going to miss an important person in their lives because of this War were nobody is winning. Children are losing one of their parents and what are we winning? Nothing, let the troops come home.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Nearly each time when we watch news we are confrontated with pictures like this. I think it is horrible. It seems like it is never going to stop. Of course it is horiible to see how many people we lose almost each day. But did the British Government did not knew that this was going to happen? Of course they did. You can not fight fire with fire... There could have been taken other solutions, but they were never taken. So what did they do: they fighted fire with fire. America said we are going to Afghanistan and Britian joined them. I think all these losts were not necassary.

  2. I agree Malisa and Melisa. The Afghan people have to handle it for themselves! It is not fair that soldiers of the UK, The Netherlands or any other country have to die. Our Governments have to make their soldiers retreat and let the Afhangs handle their own business.