vrijdag 29 mei 2009

Mum finds missing son via Facebook

Avril Grube is a mother whose son was abducted 27 years ago, but they have been reunited thanks to Facebook. In 1982 her ex- husband Joseph Paros told her that he was going to take their son to the zoo but, instead he took him on a plane to Budapest where they disappered. Avril was devastated and contact the British and Hungarian embassies without any success.
Last October her sister Beryl Wilson tapped his name into Facebook and found him. Mother and son have meet and are making up for lost time, the only problem they face now is the fact that the does not speak English and that they have to use a translator.



This is a story with a happy end and shows, how important this community websites are in the society of today. I also have a Facebook page and I use it to keep contact with my friends in America en Europe. You can find anyone you want and the fact that you can put pictures and chose who you want to be your friend helps you keep it the way you want. My best friend Ana Catarina lives in America and we keep track of each other via de Facebook. I also found a lot of my childhood friends and we keep very good contact because of this community website.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Always wonderful to read that a mother has found her missing son! I agree with you that community websites like Hyves and Facebook are very important these days. I also have a Facebook account. I made it because I want that my host family in Canada, for my stay abroad this summer, can see how I live in the Netherlands.

  2. This story is both devastating and wonderful at the same time. Devastating because of the fact that a father kidnapped his own son at such a young age, but wonderful that Gavin and Avril are reunited again. It’s a pity that there is a language barrier between mother and son. Speaking the same language makes it a lot easier to express your feelings and desires. Maybe I should start my own face book page, it would be fun to catch up with old school friends and talk to friends from my old neighbourhood. If I need help making one, I know who to talk to!

  3. I am glad the mum found her son back! Better late then never. :)

  4. What a nice article to read. The most beautiful part is the part that mother and son are reunited. Thanks to the internet. Who could have thaught that the internet would be the solution...So this proves that modern technology is very handy. For this family it has all ended with a good ending. With all respect but not all families are that lucky.