dinsdag 28 april 2009

Swine Flu already in the UK

Britain's Prime Minister says that is country is one of the best prepared to deal with an outbreak of the Swine Flu. The first case has already appeared in the UK in Polmont near Falkirk and it is a young couple that had been to Mexico for the honeymoon. The Government is advising people not to travel to Mexico and three of the major travel companies have stopped all there flights
The World Health Organization is not realising any details but they are working on the development of a vaccine.
(What is swine flu?
Swine flu is a respiratory disease, caused by influenza type A which infects pigs.
There are many types, and the infection is constantly changing.
Until now it has not normally infected humans, but the latest form clearly does, and can be spread from person to person - probably through coughing and sneezing)

I have been following the news about the Swine Flu since it started because it is very interesting to see how the different Goverments deal with. I was also very interested in seeing how long it would take until the first cases would show up in Europe. Well I has surprised that it went faster than I was expecting, but people to travel a lot so it was very stupid of me to think that maybe we would not have any cases in Europe. This new disease in animals made me realise that maybe I would live longer if I just became a vegetarian.

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  1. In reality, this virus it's a new mutation completely different. The Wordl Healt Organization not has ruled the quarentine yet, but the government of México asked to no travel to our contry...

    Sorry for my beginner english... I'm from México

  2. This is terrible. A lot of people in the world already got this disease. There was even a case in Aalten, where I live.. I mean come Aalten of all places? Luckily the flue is almost gone.